Fall Harvest U-PICK 2023

U-Pick Prices – Buy the bag, fill it up!

Pick ANY apple (ask about today’s ripe varieties); mix and match!

  Price to pick with bagPrice with  souvenir basket
 ¼ Peck BagApprx. 2.5 to 3 Pounds$10.00$15.00
 ½ Peck BagApprx. 5  to 6 Pounds$20.00$30.00
 Full Peck BagApprx. 10 to 12 pounds$30.00$40.00
Bushel (4 Peck Bags)Apprx. 40 to 48 pounds$90.00$110.00

Save $1 off prices when using basket during future visits.

Note: U-pick varieties and more also available for purchase in apple house.  ___________________________________________________________


  1. Varieties are marked with different colored ribbons and staff will let you know which varieties are currently ripe. Unripe apples don’t taste as good!
  2. Only pick in designated areas
  3. To pick the apple- roll the apple upwards off the branch and give a little twist.  Do no pull straight away from tree.  If two apples are joined, both may come at the same time. Please do not shake trees or branches.
  4. Please watch your step around the orchard – some uneven ground.  Sorry, no tree climbing.
  5. Children must be supervised at all times.
  6. Remember… store your apples in a cool place (fridge) to increase shelf life!

Enjoy, be safe, and have fun!!!  Thanks for visiting!