Pumpkin U-PICK 2020


Sorry! U-Pick Pumpkins for the 2020 season has ended due to the cold weather

$10 Each or 4 for $30
After picking, please pay for your pumpkins at the info hut (when open) or in apple hou


  1. Only pick in designated area
  2. Loppers available.  Only adults/older children under close supervision should handle use loppers.  Please be CAREFUL! 
  3. Generally, you want to cut the stem as long as possible (without it being so long its fragile). 
  4. Note: the electric fence is NOT on.  We left it up so we can turn it on and release the cows into the u-pick section (for clean up!) after the season. 
  5. Please be careful not to step on/destroy stems of other pumpkins. 
  6. Please watch your step – some uneven ground. 
  7. Children must be supervised at all times.
  8. We hope you find a great pumpkin!

CDC/State of MN: Masks are recommended.  Wash your hands and only touch pumpkins you plan to pick.  Please allow social distance between you and fellow pickers.  Thanks!