Welcome to Fall Harvest Orchard for the 2023 season!

Drought, year number 3! While most people binge watch tv shows – we were binge watching the weather report and the radar.  So much time wasted watching storms on radar that would dissipate before arriving or go right around us.  We watered our apple trees often using a 330 gallon tote on the back of an old red pickup.    As with the past years, some apples are a smaller than usual.   But they taste as sweeter and crispier!

We added some new additions again this year.    (We are having way too much fun and hope you enjoy!)

  1. 600 new apple trees!  Including “MN 33” a new un-named U of M variety (newest one from U of M), and more Juicy Jewel pear trees. (new Asian Pear tree from U of M).  These are not yet producing, but new ones to look forward to!
  2. New attractions!  If you didn’t already see as you parked in the lot – we added a giant slide – hop on a burlap sack and race down!   We also added a small ladybug ride for the kiddies and an Apple spin ride.     If you are a treasure hunter – we have a new gem/fossil mining station where you can strike it rich!
  3. New free activities in the yard!   We know tetherball has always been a favorite and have added a Gravity Box basketball.   And for the small kids we have kiddie Winnie the Pooh rides in the 100 Acre Woods and some hop balls in the Critter Bounce corral.

We have named some sections of newly planted trees and renamed an existing section.   Two new sections were named this year.   The section east of the corn maze was named Dragonfly and the section west of the corn maze was named Phil’s Corner in memory of Darcy’s father was passed right after last season.   We also renamed the main u-pick section to Peterson’s U-Pick.   Curt and Helen Peterson started this orchard many years again and we are honored to try to keep the tradition they created going.

Thank you for coming out to the orchard/farm and for all your support! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help make your day wonderful.   


Fall Harvest Orchard (the Sjomeling family and our amazing staff/volunteers)