Welcome to Fall Harvest Orchard for the 2020 season. 

So thankful we can be open and appreciate you visiting!

We found the one thing the year 2020 didn’t ruin – our apples!  We have a wonderful crop, sorry no frost or hail this year (knock on wood)!  It started cold – Mother’s Day weekend it was as cold as 25 degrees when the apples were blossoming.  We lit fires 2 nights – 104 campfires and 9 bonfires.  We had several cars pull over to see if they should call the fire department and the neighbors called us in the morning to see if we were ok.  We also were able to avoid hail storms.  Last year, we had baseball sized hail 3 miles south of us.  This year, we had baseball sized hail 3 miles north of us.  We keep saying – we’re getting better at dodging and weaving these storms (again, knock on wood)!

New things this year:

  1. U-pick pumpkins.  We built a new fence (turned out very crooked, but a straight one wouldn’t look right out here anyway!) in the pasture, and now have a U-Pick pumpkin patch, just past the wagon ride area.  Our kids forgot about the pumpkin patch one night, and drove the gator through it, destroying many pumpkins.  They got extra weeding duty that week!  But luckily, there are many great pumpkins still left out there to pick.  
  2. Larger parking lot on site.  It also doubles as an alfalfa field to make bales to feed the animals, so win/win!  It also includes a new orchard exit (follow the gravel road) to help with traffic flow.
  3. Apple tent/curbside – more room to spread out.  We have a tent in the parking lot selling bags of our fresh apples and many of our essential items, such as jelly and honey.  We also have curbside pickup available seven days a week from 10am to 6pm, by appointment.  Visit our website (www.fallharvestorchard.com) for the available options/instructions. 
  4. 400 new apple trees.  These 400 are not yet producing for this year (didn’t need their apples this year!), but we’ve now planted about 1,000 new apple trees over the last couple years.  Fall Harvest Orchard has been open for over 30 years (shout out to Curt and Helen Peterson!) and we want to keep it going for at least another 30!

We hope your experience with us will be fun, safe, and memorable.   Remember, this is a real working farm.  Please be careful around the animals and orchard.  Please supervise children, and treat all animals with respect. 

Thank you so much for visiting.  So many have made us a family tradition – thank you for your continued support!  And if you are new here – welcome to Fall Harvest Orchard.  We think it’s a special place, we hope you enjoy it.  Also thank you to our wonderful staff/family/friends/neighbors who make this orchard possible! 

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help make your day wonderful.   

Sincerely, Fall Harvest Orchard (the Sjomeling family and our amazing staff/volunteers)