U-Pick Prices – Buy the bag, fill it up!

Small = ¼ Peck bag (approx. 2.5 to 3 pounds) – $4;                          $8 w/Honeycrisp

Medium = ½ Peck bag (approx. 5-6 pounds) = $7;                          $14 w/Honeycrisp

Large = One Full Peck bag (approx. 10-12 pounds) = $12;            $25 w/Honeycrisp

For an additional $5, you can pick with and keep a souvenir apple basket.

Plus save $1 off u-pick prices when you re-use the basket on future visits!


U-Pick Varieties Available This Year – Color ribbon – (Anticipated ready date)

State Fair – Green Stripe (Late August)

Paula Red –Black Stripe (Late August)

Beacon – Black Dot (Late August)

Chestnut Crab – White (Late August)

Zestar! – Orange (Late August)

Sweet 16 – Red (Early September)

Haralson – Green (Mid September)

Honey Gold – Red Stripe (Mid September)

Regent – Red Dot (Early October)

Fireside – Blue Stripe (Mid October)

Honeycrisp – yellow ribbon.  Starting approximately mid-September (see prices above)

Note: These varieties and more also available for purchase in apple house.  Sweetango not available for U-pick this year, limited amount in apple house.